Posted by: Susan | March 22, 2013

Sometimes Sam slows down.

IMG_6513Sam has, how do I say this nicely, a LOT of Energy.  He moves quickly, dances everywhere and plays sports all out.  At dance class he loves the pretty ladies and of course dances with abandon even doing a solo during the merengue.IMG_5918I chatted with his swim coach and asked her why he only swam 20 laps for the swim-a-thon.  It turns out he swam 30 laps to his brother’s 66 and the reason is Sam swims each lap as fast as he can and then has to rest.  He hasn’t learned the fine art of pacing himself.  He even managed to dance for me at 6:25am before he left for school this morning.

Now I ask you, if you see a hummingbird on a nest what do you do?  Take a picture of course.AnnasHummingbirdNest

The same thing happens if you see Sam sitting down.  A picture must be taken quickly because this is a sight you rarely see and you definitely want to remember.IMG_6471Yes, sometimes Sam slows down.  Do you have anyone like Sam in your house?


  1. Beth is just the opposite. She moves slow, talks slow and lives slow. She’s had thyroid issues for a while and even though she;s been on medication and had treatment for it last year, we’re hoping to finally get it under control in the next few months. We don’t have anyone like Sam in our house!

    • Believe it or not, Sam has hypothyroidism, and will be on medication for the rest of his life.

  2. What a nice analogy – the humming bird. I am not sure what Alex is – perhaps part dove, part vulture 🙂

    • hilarious………..

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